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Anyone else get hassled for riding a bike?

It just keeps getting worse around here! My running tally for today is one trying to run me off the road and one stupid little highschool girl that thought it would be funny to shoot silly string at me while I'm already riding a VERY dangerous, shoulder-less road.

I rode TWELVE miles total today! That's it! I had one guy box me in with his truck because I was riding through is precious little gated community, like I do every week, and actually followed me out, regardless of the fact I've been riding there since before that community was a half of an idea in anyone's head. I didn't want to deal with it, and I figure the 8mpg he probably gets in his full size dodge 4x4 is karma enough for being a jerk. Most of the people in that community will smile and wave when you pass on a bike, even open the gates for you so you don't have to hop them (the little foot entrances are made in such a way as to block out dirt bikes, so you can't get a bicycle through either, and nothing breaks a good rhythm like having to heft your bike over a 3 foot gate.)

I must have caught both of the bad apples there though, as on my way back the person in the car ahead of me wasn't going anywhere until I left. This is where the shoulder-less highway comes in, I figure that rather than waste some poor cop's time, I'll just hop scotch driveway to driveway during breaks in traffic. On my first stint, I slipped off the edge of the pavement and ended up running along side my bike, when I heard the oh-so-familiar sound of silly string over my head. Because I was all but on the ground, I didn't get hit, but the girl spraying it was immediately on the phone to her friends about how awesome she was (the car stopped in the next driveway that I did, lots of pointing out the window and laughter).

All in all, I should have just taken my freaking truck. I don't know what happened. Two weeks ago, this area was as bike freindly as it could have ever been. This is seriously some of the sketchiest riding I've ever done (the highway part scared me to death). I try to ride the bike when I can, since you know, the easiest way to cut gas use is to drive less.

Sorry for the long winded rant, it just bugs me a lot. It's not even like we have a huge bike community here to where there would be a bunch of hoons causing problems on bikes, I'm one of the VERY few.

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