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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
Unfortunately, the ICE-driver cannot "preach" to the devout EV-choir. Conversely, the EV-driver should not "preach" to the reticent ICE shopper:

"...perceptions are REAL to those who hold them..."
False beliefs can be deadly but yes as much fun as it is to preach the reality is few listen. Each person has a situation that works best for them and a situation they "feel" is best for them.

In my mind most people who need to drive should be driving gen i Honda insights and the reality is a car like the insight being adopted would do more than the current ev offerings could.

That is why I am patiently waiting for the mudder phev upgrade for my insight.

The reality though is that there is another demographic being ignored, my x gfriend will never own a car, she feels anything other than human power is too wasteful and expensive.
She lives in a rural area but has her apartment and work chosen such that she can bike or hike everywhere she needs and rent or cab in the seldom situations she has to go further.

I have to say her attitude towards energy use puts myself and everyone in this thread to shame.
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