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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
In my mind most people who need to drive should be driving gen i Honda insights and the reality is a car like the insight being adopted would do more than the current ev offerings could.
Which is exactly what I do drive (mostly), and have done since IIRC 2003. While I haven't seen any detailed analysis, I'm fairly sure that most of the current crop of EVs actually use more energy to get from A to B than the Insight does. (And that's even ignoring the use of 'Ludicrous Mode'.)

The majority of households have more than one car. How often to most families have two cars more than 200 miles from home at the same time?
Sure, because you are talking about multiple people sharing cars/vehicles, which clouds the essentials of their use. In your married couple example, you'd need two EVs for daily commuting, plus one vehicle for longer trips, so there's 1/2 an additional vehicle & costs per person.

Take the case of a single person - me, for example :-) I have an Insight for most driving, and a pickup for hauling/rough roads/deep snow &c. Adding an EV with less than 150 mile range would mean a 3rd vehicle with all those additional costs.

No, quick charges take 30-60 minutes.
At what cost in wasted energy and degraded battery life? And that's still longer than I, and I think most people, would want to stand around an EV filling station.
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