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Front Lip for EP3

Ok so I saw on another forum about doing front bumper lips with either a Volvo lip or a Honda Accord lip. Well today I sourced a 94 Accord lip for $16, and mated her up to her new home.

If you don't want to cut into your bumper this DIY isn't for you.

I used: Skil Saw(to cut the long line in the bumper), Hammer, about 7 self taping screws(used for attaching the line you cut to the excess part of the lip), 6 plastic clips, flat and phillips head screw driver, and 2 bolts with very big washers.

Ok here is the lip I started with. I recommend finding the center of the lip and drawing a line down the middle with a pencil it will make mating it up easier in the long run.

Next find the center of the bumper you can see it here marked by a raised arrow looking thing. Ok also in this next photo I used a compass and marked 1 3/8 of an inch and I drug the compass all the way across to make a curved 1 3/8 inch line.

From the centered point I measure 17 inches which ends right about in middle of the fog light. You have to do this on both sides from the center.

I then cut the long line into the bumper I know it seems really odd, but this is where you are going to tuck the extra plastic from the lip and line it up with the front of the bumper.

Ok now this is where the line on the lip comes in handy line it up once it is shoved into the bumper. The directions I followed said now screw the flap you shoved in the line you cut down so it doesn't move. It doesn't move much so I started with the driver sides first hole on the lip and drilled a hole to put in a plastic holder. I had some left over from putting in the abs panel in my vw bus, and I wanted to make it look as factory as possible.

Ok so the first plastic holder didn't quiet work for the first to holders just not enough push up so I did two bolts here and holds it really well. But everywhere else I did the plastic holders and it looks really well.

Ok now that you have both sides on time to clean up the sides a bit because it is a bit long.

I just took a ruler and matched it up to the side of the bumper and drew a straight line.

Ok and all cut up

Another thing with this lip it has a recessed area in the middle that is the same lengths it is around. I cut this out for looks purposes. Its up to you what you do with that part of the lip.

If you have any questions or need more photos I'll get what you need. I'll post final results after it stops raining.


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