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Hey all,

I figure I might as well say hello, since I need 1 more post to be able to post links.

I've been hypermiling for years now, and have done some very light eco-mods. I've done plenty of reading here on Ecomodder. I'm driving a 2007 Toyota Matrix (base) w/ automatic 4-speed tranny.

My mods:
Scangauge II (if this can be counted as one...)
Passenger mirror delete
(Mostly) smooth hubcaps (was running bare steelies before)
Spare tire delete
Rear seat delete
Bunch of misc items delete (All deletions add up to 124.2 lbs of weight loss).

My coworkers and friends think I'm nuts. Some ridicule me. Such is the life of a hypermiler, I guess.. sigh.

Anyways, thanks guys for being my inspiration and source of ideas.

Currently, I'm looking into getting new wheels/tires, since I need ones anyway. Possibly going to go to a lightweight battery, at next replacement too.

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