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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Quick charging is very efficient and it doesn't hurt the battery.
Evidence for that?

You can eat a meal, or take a nap, so it is not a problem - it is just different.
Don't know about you, but on long trips I eat while driving. I think that's true of many people. And if you're one of those adults who can actually take naps, you're lucky.

Again - an EV is 2-3X more efficient than any ICE can possibly be.
Not true. As for instance the Tesla Model S is rated at 95 MPGe, which I don't think counts generation, transmission, and, charging losses. That's nowhere near 2-3X the 70 MPG I get from the Insight.

Now I'm not saying that you couldn't build EVs that do much better than the Model S, but AFAIK they're not here yet. Smaller EVs like the Leaf seem to have limited range. I'd guess that's going to be an engineering tradeoff for the foreseeable future, given the portion of vehicle mass devoted to structure vs battery.
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