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Zero DS small improvements

Hi all,

After riding motorcycles a few years earlier this year I've bitten the bullet and bought a Zero DS.
It is now being used for errands an fooling around locally but I'm planning to use it for my commute later this year(about 250km one way)
I'm currently working on a fast charging system because I will need to top up at least once and maybe even twice in the winter.

The current range is on the motorway is about 130-160km depending on factors like the weather and my right hand.

It is a really nice bike to ride but as you can see it has the drag of a small house:

I've already tried a windscreen I've ordered from Ebay but that gave wind buffering straight into my helmet, not so comfortable when riding on the motorway!

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The goal is to reduce the drag a bit and make it more comfortable on the motorway. I'm not looking for a Vetter-style full aeromod because I still want to filter through traffic jams and occasionally do a bit of trails and dirt roads.

Current to do-list:
- Finetune fast charging
- When the tires are worn replace them with more road oriented ones
- Get rid of the front fender and install some modest fairing on the front, a bit like this perhaps:

After that work on making the tail a bit slippier while creating a bit of storage.

Now the latter two will take a lot of time because I will need to source and adapt old fairing or even design custom ones.

Perhaps start off with a parabellum windshield to keep at least my helmet out of the wind at higher speeds:

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