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All the waste and pollution happens before putting the hydrogen in the car.

Fuel cell cars are DOA. There are ~12-15 public hydrogen filling stations in the entire US. Most of those are in the Los Angeles area - and as many as half of those either run out of hydrogen altogether, or they can only pump 5,000PSI - HALF of what they are supposed to.

Some of those expensive filling stations can only service ~15 cars PER DAY.

Most of today's hydrogen comes from steam reforming natural gas - super-heated steam is used to split hydrogen out of natural gas. And the Mirai only gets ~60MPGe.

Fuel cells have a limited lifespan, and they are very heat intolerant. They waste ~50% of the energy as heat - and they have to stay under 100C - hence the giant cooling intakes.

These are electric cars with a small battery and hydrogen tanks with the fuel cell provide electricity - in a far less efficient way than a bigger battery.
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