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NeilBlanchard --Jason Torchinsky weighs in on the Oasis:

Rinspeed's Wacky New Concept Has The Best Idea For Autonomous Cars Yet

Autonomous cars will be the first actual robots that will be deployed into society in any real quantity, and the idea that they’ll be useful for just one thing is just us stuck thinking about robots as cars.

When they can drive themselves, they can do things for you! The inclusion of that heated/cooled/multipurpose, code-activated cargo drawer is very smart, because it means the car has a secure way to do your errands.

You order food, send the restaurant the drawer code, send the car to get the food, the restaurant can securely load it while all your stuff inside the car remains safe. Brilliant!
What I find interesting is that the front and rear fenders seem switched. Maybe with four-wheel steering you can get away with zero clearance and no fender/bumper cut lines.

aerohead -- The thing I like about the gas tank is the placement, raised on a pylon so it's behind the driver's shoulders and elbows, the wider part of the body, for wake filling and reattachment.
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