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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
I bet your energy cost is <1c per mile now. Wow!
My cost per mile on ev is bobbing around 1.42Cents to 2 cents per mile
(but then when I'm at work its free, can't beat that)

And I pay 9.8 cents per KW and still am almost to the 1 cent range!

sadly Wisconsin used to offer almost the same deal the OP is getting, they changed off peak by a factor of six 8 months ago

Made the 3 tiered pricing almost the same as the normal non-tiered pricing, total stupidity.

Why would I opt into a tiered rate structure to save 3.5 cents 9 hours a day only to pay much higher rates the other 15 hours?

Even with solar the way the times and prices are chosen for the rates there is no way to save unless you can run battery in the afternoon and evenings (when there is little or no solar)

Based on the change I don't think WPS wants the tiered option to be used.
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