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Originally Posted by wingbatwu View Post
are you riding for fun or for commuting?

whatever the case, if you get followed, it could be because those people suspect you of having caused whatever trouble, so you can probably explain to them that you're just riding for fun or for commuting, and they'll prolly leave you alone afterwards.

as for the silly string shooter, she needs a good thick layer of shaving cream (or teflon chain lubricant, depending on your level of revenge) on her windshield (especially since you know where she parks)
Riding for fun, needed to head over to buddy's place anyway to check out a bike, figured why bother starting the truck when I need to get some exercise anyway. I explained to the guy that I would spend all of 8 minutes total inside the gates. I almost wanted to ask him if he was a cop, and if he said no tell him to call one if he has a problem. I'm just being less confrontational lately I guess, less stress the better right now for me.
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