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I have built an in-dash head unit graphical mpguino display

I started by modifying a meelis mpguino, since thatís what Iíd purchased. I added a tx out cable and soldered pins to the ISP header so I could deploy new sketches.

Iím less interested in hypermiling (this particular vehicle just isnít capable), and I needed to change the code, and meelis was kind enough to give me his source code. Since then, Iíve modified it heavily, fixed his drag race subroutine Ö. But Ö and a big but Ė I didnít want to have the traditional mpguino on my dashboard.

Currently I have an alpine iLX-007, which has a video in port. Itís the video in port thatís important.

I changed the mpguino to output a json file, with the parameters Iím interested in, and some formatting.

{"title":"fuel used 2.00/2.61",
"subtitle":"10.99 remaining, 2.20 e-reserve",
"ranges":[3.5, 12.30, 13.80],
"measures":[ 10.99, 12.29],
"markers":[  1.50]},

{"title":"tank distance 46",
"subtitle":"range 175mi, 35 mi e-reserve, 203mi safe range, 242mi dry range",
"ranges":[100,   264,   297],
"measures":[    159,    126],
"markers":[  32.23]},

{"title":"fuel economy",
"subtitle":"0.00 trip, 17.51 tank, .35 ga@idle, 0.05 mi engine-off cruise",
"measures":[     0,     17.51],
"markers":[ 21]}]
From there, I went to and located one of the sample templates, this one:
(link prohibited by eccomodder) mbostock 4061961

I then found a version of the same code that would auto-update the data if the json file changed. Since my Arduino is putting out 4 json files a second (or 10, or 100 if itís drag-race mode), I needed to have something trigger once there was new data.

Unfortunately, the d3.js chart was designed ONLY to uypdate chart elements, so for some time my data titles and subtitles were static. But now Iíve hacked the code to refresh the titles and subtitles as part of the chart update routine.

In a nutshell, I now have all my mpguino data rendering to a video interface in the stereo head unit. (See attached jpg). (jpg removed by eccomodder, *sigh*)

My raspi code can be found here:
(link disabled by ecomodder) www github com skybolt autoUpdate

The easiest way to grab it from a mac or unix box is:
git clone www github com skybolt autoUpdate
It comes with a couple of scripts. One script is a python scrip that simulates live data, the other is a script that must be run if you want to have it interface with your arduino. it's called serial_update or something.

Things I have added:
1. BINGO fuel, or the point at which you need to get gas, by adding a reserve amount. My tank is 13.8, but anything below 2.2 gallons is risking running out. So, I added a setting somewhere in the code for that reserve level. This lets me calculate distance to bingo as well as distance to empty. If I get 20 mpg in a 13.8 tank, thatís a total range of 276. But, since I want to get gas while I can, my bingo range is 220. So, I show
a. Distance to dry (empty)
b. Distance to bingo (includes reserve)
c. Bingo range (eg, given your current mpg, whatís your unsafe range? 2.2 * 20 is 44, so my bingo range is 44. Thatís 44 scary miles. If you want to dip into the danger zone, the interface will let you see that risk.
d. E-reserve level. This is static (for me 2.2) until you dip below it, in which case it counts down to completely dry.
e. Resets trip every time the engine shuts off.
f. Shows your total tank distance, plus a white line that counts down from your maximum range. When it hits the orange line, you should go get gas.
g. Drag race. Meelis had a function but the timing was strange due to how many loops there are a second. I remove the wait state during drag_wait (waiting to start) and drag_active so you get the most accurate timing.
h. A ďserial onlyĒ screen. Apparently the LCD takes a little over 100ms to paint. This means a max of 10 updates a second. If you NEVER show the screen (by defaulting to ďserial onlyĒ and never choosing a new screen, the runtime is more like 10ms, or 100 times per second. This starts at boot and if you EVER show an LCD screen other than the serial only, youíre back to 100 or more ms. I have not tested if the ďtank saved, sleep activeĒ message triggers the 100ms paint event, but I think it does.

Gotchas, bugs, etc.

1. Many of my added functions are not written to support metric. Some may be so bad as to simply be bypassed if metric is chosen, as my new routine or call to a new function might simply be embedded in the SAE portion of the function.
2. My code is awful. Iím a terrible developer. In addition to sphaghetti code of the worst kind, I know nothing about memory management. Meelisí sketch was already pretty good sized, but now with my mods itís very close to 32k. Iíve managed to shrink it enough to run on an Arduino Micro Pro, which has a strange 31.x k cutoff.
3. I added two new parameters, acceleration speed test and acceleration distance test. I added them at the BEGINNING since I wanted to be able to change them. You may wish to do your 0-60 foot times, well, you can. BUT this means if you flash this sketch to your Arduino, all your parameters will be in the wrong location, by two steps. You could also change the code for those parameters to move them to the end.
4. This only compiles under Arduino 1.0.6 or earlier. Sorry! I want to start over with Taviís excellently small code, but itís different that Meelis so I have to learn how itís built all over again. I may simply add my functions to Taviís code and see if that works. If so Iíll probably break it out into multiple files, because I like that. Whatís your opinion, do you like projects with multiple files or one giant 8000 line code block?

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