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This source code is not for the faint of heart ....

Originally Posted by t vago View Post

I am more used to working with 8000-line blocks of code, they're easier to work with than trying to hop from file to file to file.

If you want, I can look at your code and suggest ways to make it leaner.

I don't recommend it -- but here you go. It's based on code by Meelis and I don't believe he wanted it widely distributed, so I won't say anything if you don't.

Right now I'm pulling apart Tavi's code to see if i can retrofit my own mods to it. His starts at a compiled 19k, but ouch, it's way different than what I'm working with now. My first effort (add my own code blocks to his) didn't work, so now I'm starting over, leaving it all in one file, and see if I can understand what in the hell his code is doing. First off is the serial out, ... if I can't figure out how he's setting it to 19,200, then I'm going to have lots of trouble further on. All my stuff is set to 57600 (it was 115200 but I changed to 57 as a test and left it there).

Once I can understand his code, it should be easy to add my functions to his. If you take a look at the serial_send file in my source code, you will see all the new functions I'm calling, most of which are in the mpguinio.ino file, down near the drag race routines.
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