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Originally Posted by skybolt View Post
if I can't figure out how he's setting it to 19,200, then I'm going to have lots of trouble further on.
No code with string 192, no easy math that maps to 19200 given 20/16MHz change, no identifiable myubbr string. **sigh**

There is a nice line
const unsigned int myubbr = (unsigned int)(processorSpeed * 625ul / 96ul - 1);
, but altering the 96 to any other multiple I can think of hasn't worked yet. I'm busy doing other things, so I haven't divided 625/96 or 96/625 but I will say then when it was compiled for 20MHz on a 16MHz microcontroller, data read properly at 19200 (or was it 9600?). Point is, the 16/20MHz change and relationship to 625 merits a quick run through a calculator. 625 is .625 which is 5/8 I believe, but 96 to 192 is a 1/2.
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