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I talked to the neighbors. The one outside my window* has a blown engine. They've just gotten a 4-door with a blown transmission. The coupe's transmission is going in the ($150) 4-door. So it will soon be in some other location with no drive-train.

Now, the rule-of-thumb with electrics is with a single-speed transmission you need twice the horsepower, and beefy wires, to get good low-end performance. I have, on the bench, a 68hp, 10,000rpm Lexus unit. I've been intending to put it in a Baja Bug that needs everything.

aerohead, what do you think I'd gain with the Saturn coupe over a Beetle? When I search Google for "Cd" (includes quotes) I get hits on how to steal the radio. 0.30-0.28 'ish?

I'm thinking an oval 18-24" bustle with eight '39 Chevy tail-light housings with '59 Caddy backup lenses over red LEDs. Four to a side. Maybe '56 Corvette housings? It's got the driver side half-door!

*Sometimes reality has to slap me in the face repeatedly before I take the hint.
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