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First long trip with the mpguino today. I had no issue with button operation freezing up. The only issue is the display not timing out. However the mpguino itself does time out after probably about 7 minutes and resets the "current" reading.

EDIT: I got a datasheet on my display. It says pins 15 and 16 are not used. That would explain why my brightness setting does nothing. The backlight is part of the LCD and is not externally controlled, like a cheapo car stereo. Unless I can change the programming, I wonder if I could just put another 2N3906 transistor thats switched with ignition breaking the 5v line to the display. Or a maybe a small relay.

I was also wondering, are there any known issues of leaving it exposed to the sun all day in a hot car? Or leaving it in a car all weekend at 20 below zero? If so, I thought of putting a 9v battery in parallel, so if I took it out of the car, it would keep its settings.

The distance reading is dead nuts. Actual speed is a few mph less than my speedometer, which I figured anyway since whenever I go past those speed radar signs it always reads a few mph low. But the odometer reading is dead nuts to the tenth of a mile.

The gallons reading I would say is pretty accurate. Yesterday after filling up I drove to work in the rain and came home and got 31.5 mpg. Today there was a fierce wind from the west all day. The full drive down there got me 36.1 mpg, shielded partially from the wind. The freeway portion coming back I could only get 30 mpg, I had no west shielding and was getting blown all over the place. A few miles after the freeway I filled up, with another broken pump with a clogged filter that wouldnt pump fast enough to kick itself off. Filled right up and spilled a few drops, 33.1 mpg total tank according to that. Mpguino reading for todays trip showed 34.0 mpg. Had the pump kicked off correctly I would have come out extremely close with the mpguino. The rest of the way home with partial west wind shielding got me 36.1 mpg again.

My variables seem all good, Im leaving them alone for now. They should also be accurate when I switch the unit to my 6000 wagon this winter, since it uses the same injectors and vss pulses.

Winter daily driver, parked most days right now

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