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Mercury7, a couple of thoughts for you. First, I read that somewhere that Toyotas with manual transmissions have zero fuel injection if you coast downhill with it "in gear". They don't burn much at idle, but it's greater than zero.

Second, back during the first oil embargo (1973) President Nixon was recommending inflating tires to the max sidewall pressure plus 5 psi, for max fuel economy. The tires on my Golf are rated a max of 44 psi, so I keep them inflated to between that and 50 psi. In general, rolling resistance goes down as tire pressure goes up. A 100 psi tire has about 30% less rolling resistance than a 30 psi car tire, and an iron train wheel has about one tenth.

Keep up the good work...the 10th gen Corolla sounds like a great car!

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