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Originally Posted by Nonhog View Post
Wondering if its worth trying to smooth the flow over a Roof top tent. The tent itself is about 12" tall and about 4' square (all closed up in travel mode) plus the height of the roof rack it will sit on. This will be on a mid size 4WD truck possibly over a canopy. I see in my minds eye a vinyl tonneau cover stretched with proper angles front and rear to smooth flow. I am sure this will be a one off custom build. I'm o.k. with that. Will the vinyl buffet in the wind? Therefore requiring a molded part?

Thanks for any input!
Unless the fabric is doped it will be aeroelastic and will flutter in the airstream.How much will depend on span and tension of the envelope.
Ideally,you'd have a lead and tail fairing to smooth the air on and off of the tent structure,like member Orbywan has done with the rooftop Coleman AC unit on his motorhome.
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