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Originally Posted by markweatherill View Post
So what is the beam pattern like? Those units look like floodlights!
Can you see further with them, is the question...
Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I put those 4x6 lights on my suburban.
I tried to use them as low beam and high beam but they really sucked, they had very bad glare in low beam.
So I converted them to run high beam only since the suburban uses four of those 4x6 lights, 2 of them being high beam only.
So my personal experience has been overall a very positive one. I haven't experienced any low beam glare, and my visibility has increased drastically.
I would definitely recommend them and won't go back to halogen.

I can see further and clearer w/ LEDs on Lo setting than I could with the aftermarket ones I had on Hi setting... I don't even have a need for Hi beams to be honest, but I wanted to make them fully functional.

The one other big thing for me, has been that apparently the color spectrum of these LEDs makes all the reflective road sign become more vibrant, if that's a thing. It makes their colors just stand out, even when theirs a car besides me, my light spectrum outshines theirs when it comes to road sign reflectivity...

Besides that the other main item to consider, or at least for me, is the huge reduction in power consumption. So in LOW setting they only consume 18w per light, and 45w on HI. I plan to do an alternator delete in the future, so load reduction is definitely a must for me as well, and these LED lights help me drive my electrical consumption down while delivering great visibility.

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