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Good point! I'll dig around and find something.
FWIW, my truck is an X-tra cab, sort of 1 1/2 cabs. I was hoping to fold the RTT back down against the back of the cab while travelling, but it fit too tight to move.

Looking at that random aero thread, there are a few pickup wind tunnel shots. It's pretty obvious why the air wants to slip between the RTT and the cab, instead of simply flowing over the RTT. The whole bed forms a giant low pressure area and that air is trying it's best to fix the problem...


Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
So now that's two roof-top tents and no pictures. How are we supposed to speculate wildly without pictures?

Are these single-cab pickups? Could you make a cab-top panel that hinges 6-8" ahead of the windshield header on a sun visor; that folds 'flat' against the roof? Or is that necessary?
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