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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
While not the worst in terms of total effort, in terms of too much effort for the job, a starter on an older nissan, had to remove the intake manifold/etc to get at it.
I did one like that, sounds like 4wd Sunny.
I had to use a variety of socket extensions and universal joints to access most of the nuts and bolts holding it on, and then access them by feel because I couldn't see them...
And then to discover the manifold was mounted on studs, and a couple of them were so long that I couldn't slide the manifold off them without hitting the firewall. I recall (after some thought) I either cut them down or replaced them with bolts!
And of course there were several coolant pipes involved; getting the last little one fitted was a horrible experience.

I also recall once spending a day fitting the rare and sought after 'ACIS' manifold to my Toyota Sera, a little bulkier than the stock one, so it took a lot of wrestlng to get it in place. Only to discover the accelerator cable was just too short. Even though I had the stub of the old one, I just couldn't see how to reliably join it to the existing one. So I took it all off again.
Later I realised I could have used electrical connector blocks....
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