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Originally Posted by richard_lyew View Post
hahahahahaha I see there are alot of jokers on this forum lol im not here for them. I share my work with who wants to make a difference and I KNOW the oil companies are here

Well guess what? I catch on to the con. Fuel injectors are a con. What you spray fuel in your engine you will never use 30% of it and you can never get back the waste so why use injectors?

You dont even need then to cold start an engine. I abandon fuel injectors. Cold start, no fuel, no problem


Quicker acceleration and deceleration, more power overall, smoother running, cooler running, oil stays clean, way way less emissions, average 300mpg. All that with no fuel going to the engine


Choke on that for a while oil company trolls I will post more advances in a few years
So, if you've disconnected the fuel injectors, you must be starting the engine on some sort of vapor, whether HHO or gasoline... If you built the same 4LPM system that was featured in the video a couple years back of the Saturn, it should provide enough "fuel" to run the Suzuki Carry(660cc, right?), but it still takes more energy to break the water down into its atomic elements, than is made by burning the HHO(and turning it back into water), so you're still somehow at a net loss? You could accomplish it through use of a really big battery to power the hydrogen generator(sort of as a hybrid)...

One question still remains however, you are claiming a 300mpg, with no fuel going to the engine, so on a gallon of what substance are you traveling 300 miles? Water or gasoline?
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