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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
What does it come out to?
Depending on local costs each person will have a different answer, I would prefer Each person to run their numbers off my real world summer country trips to see what is possible with slow steady driving, a small bit of highway/freeway and gentle stops.

Full disclosure
I have left out winter driving and my daily short city drives.
(both are at extremes above or below my longer drives)

So in my case my car which can run gas or electric has hypermiling efficiencies of

210MPGe vrs 52MPG

My cost per mile off local prices is

12kwhr x 9.8 cents = $1.176
$1.176 / 65 miles = 1.8 cents per mile

$2.19 / 52 = 4.2 cents per mile

1.8 cents EV. Vrs 4.2 cents gas

Your mileage will vary, I recommend plugging in different distances and your local prices depending on how you plan to drive to see the price extremes between gas and electric for your type of commute.
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