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Originally Posted by Hank1510 View Post
That is a huge amount of range.
Do you have a low average speed on those trips?
Is it all driving style, or have you done some things to the car?

I'm looking for some tips, lol.
Yes average speed is 33mph, max speed is 55/60mph (30 miles) route is chosen to minimize traffic, distance and speed.

I keep tire PSi between 50/60 psi, climate control stays off while driving, i coast in neutral to stops as much as possible, I do not accelerate beyond 20kw on the energy gage (2 vrs 1 motor change over is inefficient) I usually accelerate very slowly if I can, I let off the brake and allow creep to move the car before sliding into the gas at stops, zero rpm acceleration is very inefficient, I drive by the kw meter setting specific mile per kw goals while underway.
I could go on and on but it's all about knowing how the car works and using the energy gage to keep a rock solid foot. The same type of hypermiling stuff I can do because I have a scan gage on other cars.

If I could eliminate the 30 miles of freeway and the 30 miles of "Mid speed" road I have no doubt 80 miles ev would be possible, car peaks around 60mpg on gas though, have not found a way to improve that.

Catch is high average summer temps have helped offset my range, peak range at 50 degrees is about 62 miles,
40 degrees is 56 ev miles
below 40 is about 50 miles if I burp the battery.
Below 15 is all over the map

Car drives "ideal" range between 85 and 95 degrees, catch is to idle the car a minimum of 10 minutes before leaving all accessories off and being plugged in, this gets everything to the correct operating temperature.
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