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Greetings, and Please Don't Shoot the Pony =)


I am pretty stoked that I came across this site.. I've been tracking my economy on a different site for a while now, but there is no real community there to speak of. I just wanted to say Hi! and start delving into the forums a bit.

I acquired a completely stock 1995 Mustang GT Conv. back in February, and decided that I was going to try to be as efficient with it as I can manage. When I received it, I was getting an abysmal 13 mpg. It had been in an accident at some point, and was sitting for about 8 months. Within a few months of first driving it, and very little physical changes to the car (reset the computer to learn how I drive, new plugs and wires, removed the a/c) I have managed to average up over 17. There's still a ways to go, and I am interested in seeing just how much I can get out of it.. I think my mpg can be improved greatly while still having the ability to let it gallop once in a while.

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