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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Here's one about global warming you can quote me on:

If everybody's in the pool and we all keep peeing in it, eventually the pool will be full of pee. Will it kill us? Probably not, but do we want to keep swimming in a pool full of pee?
Not really, to fill the pool with pee you would have to start with an empty pool. The oceans are the pool in our case and no amount of lifeform pee will be more then a drop in the bucket. In the case of CO2 there is a much bigger natural supply of the "pee", our "pee" is almost insignificant. You have to believe that the planet doesn't have the ability as a buffered system to adapt to a small change. That is was sitting right on the edge of its limits and then humans came along. I feel it's been through a lot worse and is capable of balancing itself.
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