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Hello -

I didn't have any problems on the way to work today. My commute is a good test because the 710 freeway is in bad shape because of all the trucks. I held a mirror out of the car to look down on the cover and I didn't see any vibration or scraping against the tire.

When I parked my car at work I inspected the cover. I did see that the front (visible) Ziptie was loose. I pulled it another quarter inch and it got tight again. I am going to mark it with a Sharpie to see if it is coming loose during the drive. It could just be that it wasn't tight enough to begin with, and the commute just loosened it up. I don't mind this problem because the front Ziptie is a temporary solution. I am trying to figure out other ways to solve the front connection.

I inspected the tire and I didn't see any problems. I was looking for scuff and/or wear damage, but I didn't see anything. I was also looking for wear on the center of the wheelcover, but I didn't see anything. What I should do is put some (removeable) paint marks on the tire and see if there is wear. A silver Sharpie might do the trick.


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