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Originally Posted by CoopL View Post
Hello guys, I'm Cooper, I'm 16 and I've started a conversion of an '88 VW Cabbie. My grandfather gave me an older AC motor (15KW / 50KW peak), but we're having a hard time finding a controller. My dad is an EE, so we're thinking of building one of Paul&Sabrina's but wondering how hard it will be to interface it to the motor and how "turnkey" the system will be once built? We're very comfortable with the physical build and soldering, but concerned about the software integration.

Any advice/recommendations? Any help is very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

If you can include an encoder, it's a snap getting the motor to work. You can just run an autotuning command so that it automatically finds the rotor time constant as well as the PI constants. Then, you save those values and forget it. It's not a big deal.

Here are the commands:


hurray, done! haha

kits and boards
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