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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
And another problem, that I don't think has been touched on in this thread yet:

Unless You Own A House, Living With An Electric Car Still Sucks In 2016

For reference, 52% of Los Angeles residents are renters.

This is a particular concern for me as well; I wouldn't mind picking up a Prius Prime now that they're out, and 25 miles of range would be more than adequate for my daily driving while still having a gas engine for road trips. But, since I live in a multi-unit building and don't have a garage or even an assigned parking spot, I have nowhere to plug it in.
This. Of course, other factors include traffic. Sure, 100 miles might be enough, but many overestimate how much 'mileage' is wasted in traffic, or they worry about the drain on the battery during the day (of course, there's a big difference between the battery in my EV and the battery in my phone).

Hypermiling can help, if you want to get fancy with rolling resistance etc, but I find range anxiety is just that... anxiety. Give yourself plenty of wiggle room and, as others have said, ensure you know your charging points and its hard to go wrong.

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