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Cummins 6.9L turbo diesel economy

Hello, I have a question for you, after reading the hypermiling section I have done very well increasing MPG of my 2014 Ram 2500 from the low 13s to the mid 15s. I've been trying to get more efficiency out of it (what seems reasonable given my typical driving situations), seen all sorts of suggestions for accelerating, and I'm not sure which make sense for my engine. It sounds like quicker acceleration is better than slow, which makes sense to me and playing around with it I see a definite difference going harder on the pedal than grampa, but I'm sure there's a point at which this becomes as bad as or worse than creeping up to speed. Like flooring the pedal to the speed limit then coasting (I got here searching for pulse & glide). The consensus seems to be that my engine sips fuel best at 1600+/- RPM (peak torque according to Cummins), and for me that's between 60-65 on the freeway. So would accelerating trying to keep the tach as close to 1600 while it gears up make sense? I drove a friend's Ram with a driving coach tuner and as I recall it showed where you should be as you accelerate in a red-yellow-green band sort of display, unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to the RPM.

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