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Originally Posted by johnny77 View Post
Absolutely not the lower the mpg/ higher L per100k is the more a small change will help your budget. What i was saying is the fuel consumption seams high for the type vehicle type and displacement.
Question 1 is the fuel being used made from cane sugar or refined crude oil it does make a big difference.
Question 2 Next do you drive in the city or country?
Question 3 is the car in good condion?
First of all, thank you for your time.
1) I use normal gas from bp, galp, repsol. I do not even know where to buy biodiesel or made from cane sugar.
2) Only City
3) The car is old but it is in great condition. It was always in my family, bought new with 0 miles. It always had high mpg's, even in the day the first owner bought it (my mom).

4) My grandfather said the best he could do was 8l/100km in the highways. Keeping the speed at 120 km or under that. I do notice that it goes to around 3800 rpm at that speedboat since the redline starts at 6500 does not seem a problem.
Although I will point that out to the mechanic next time I go there.
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