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Cool New guy!

Hey everyone, I came here hoping to learn some techniques on how to save fuel as I drive about 120 miles a day 3-5 times a week. Also, is there an app where I can access this forum for an iPhone?

A little about me and my vehicle. 2003 Toyota Camry 2.4l 4 cylinder. Without any hypermiling techniques except lower RPMs when accelerating I get 32-33 MPG with mostly highway driving. I would love to increase this to 40 mpg over time. 80% highway 20% city.

My first question is this, is it ok to coast in neutral in an automatic transmission? I have read it isn't harmful to the car but then I have read it is. A little insight please. My car does need a tuneup and oil change, I expect to increase my MPG a little by doing those things. Thanks everyone!

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