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We'll have to agree to disagree.

The Type 542 hood and windshield resembles the early 'short nose' Type III, but not the later 'long nose'. Taking off the front bumper would destroy the resemblance, adding the side crease would improve it. I think the roof and rear quarters are heavy and '1950s' when compared to the graceful notchback Type III.

Then there is the whole 120 V-6 with three-speed transmission in the front scenario.

The first gen Corvair had a pronounce ledge that ran around the entire beltline, the Studebaker concept may have that in the rear but not over the headlights. It reminds me more of a mini-Mercedes from that era. All it needs is glass covers over the headlights.

Edit: Oops, forgot to include an interesting aerodynamic etc. JACG is at SEMA.

That's not a spoiler, that's a base plate that reaches up to the template line:

Ed Newton's Pink Panthermobile, possibly the most streamlined open cockpit car evah?

Marmon Wasp 'half-moon' disk?

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