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Texas - Getting a car or other fuel efficient alternatives

Ill spend 6 months in the US (Ill be in Dallas, so will be hard to get by without a car...).

Now realistically... I'm thinking in importing my European vehicle whist there. It certainly beats getting a used car or a super expensive rental. So what I would like to ask my friendly US friends is: is it worth to import, for about the same price? Or can I get anything remotely decent for $1500 or so?

If the former, I have read the car can be brought and driven for up to a year. It has to be exported after that period is due or the owner leaves the country. No Exceptions. No Sale.

Assuming I would go the import option (So that I could sell rather than ship on my departure) what exactly is it required to do so whilst there?

How Feasible is to get by in Dallas with a motorcycle or an e-bike? I have a crazy tuned e-bike with a 60KPM top speed, reasonable within the allowable urban areas where it would be allowed, but can I get by without using the motorway in Dallas?

Open to other options, just brain storming at the moment.

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