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It's not exactly that, though I have to admit the alternative is not much better...

It's a Chrysler. Yup, Chrysler was dragged kicking and screaming away from its core business of muscle cars and pickup trucks by the state of California. Some Puny % of their business had to make a 0 emissions car. You can find all sorts of quotes from the CEO of Chrysler about how they didn't want to make this "compliance" car.

Anyway, in spite of themselves (except for some details) they made a pretty good car! It's fun to drive, and its range is about 90miles, based on highway driving, mountain road driving, and city stop and go. My wife LOVES driving it and it's going to be even more fun with the Abarth upgrades...

Now, regarding the driveline, it couldn't get much simpler. It's basically just like the Leaf's driveline with the motor, 1 speed gearbox, and final drive/differential.

The driveline is NOT the issue at hand.

The problem is very common with just about any modern car. It's swamped with "convenience" electronics. I got the wiring diagrams for the Abarth - another version of the Fiat 500. While these diagrams don't show the motor control and other things unique to the 500e, they DO show probably 90% of the other stuff, which is insane. Some of it, like tire pressure monitoring systems that use one of the CAN busses, were REQUIRED by the Federal government for cars made in 2013.

I could go on and on, but I won't waste all of your time...


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Well, it is a Fiat.
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