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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
Put a tester add on Craigslist Dallas and see if you get any nibbles.

Don't know about Dallas but around here rural mail delivery people drive their own cars, a fuel efficient RHD car does have a certain market.

Not sure how reliable car you can get for $1500, but look at like you are with bringing your own car over, you'll loose $1500 in shipping cost, buy a $7000 Mirage drive it for 6 months and sell it for $5500. Cost same amount of money.

dallas cars & trucks "Mirage" - craigslist

I haven't considered that. Forking out on arrival and then getting it back just before departure. But how easy would it be to sell a car over there, in particular during September? And how do I know I'm not being ripped off when buying?

My initial approach was just getting a cheap car and assume it a total loss, kinda scrap it or give it away during my last week there, just to be safe. I wouldn't do more than 3000 miles over the period, so an initial inspection should be enough to indicate me any repairs needed.
How are cars verified to be in compliance there? Is it just a visit to a testing facility once a year or can they stop you and randomly ask if the car is compliant? (AKA shall I have the vehicle inspected on purchase and incur unexpected repair costs or can I buy one and rest assured it is compliant until the due date of the next inspection?)

Do dealerships do short leases over there rather than selling?

I've seen a site where people op out of their leases. here's an example:

An ideal one would have 5-8 months remaining. What I am not sure is what happens after the lease. Do they just take the car as is, as long as the mileage hasn't been exceeded and the car hasn't had any significant damage or will i be liable for wear and tear/damage/modifications done by the previous owner? The prices seem just right for what I would pay for cars under 50K and should solve the problems when leaving and insuring.

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