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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
Put a tester add on Craigslist Dallas and see if you get any nibbles.

Don't know about Dallas but around here rural mail delivery people drive their own cars, a fuel efficient RHD car does have a certain market.

Not sure how reliable car you can get for $1500, but look at like you are with bringing your own car over, you'll loose $1500 in shipping cost, buy a $7000 Mirage drive it for 6 months and sell it for $5500. Cost same amount of money.

dallas cars & trucks "Mirage" - craigslist

That's ironically how much I've been quoted for a car rental for the same period (same car).
Here in the UK we have to check everything. There's a lot of stolen cars in the market, or many sold with a lease without the buyer knowing.

What shall I do to protect myself of such issues whilst in the US? Any company you can get a car report from to see if the car has been involved in accidents or has a credit attached, or other issues?

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