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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
Yep forget the bike, just not worth the risk, a Mirage gets the same MPG as almost every motorcyle I've owned. I really can't see how you can lose on a Mirage.

if coming over here why restrict your self to not going sight seeing. I sold a Tahoe turbo diesel to a guy in Neitherland. I convinced him (set the sead)to fly to a local airport and drive it to California and make a trip out of it before shiping it back. End up working out pretty good I think, his wife was dying from cancer got go thru Yellowstone and more on the way to Californial where his sister lived.

So think about not buying a car in Dallas, buy one in NY or Seatle and make a Fly and drive experience out of it. Maybe someone on here can help you out to take advantange of your oppurtunity.

I can certainly do that. I'm assuming you mean buy elsewhere than Dallas, still within Texas?

Do prices vary widely? I know in the UK they do, but its more of the car condition (certain areas tend to have larger quantity of older, cheaper cars, others are close to the sear and have the undercarriage all corroded, etc) so what kind of things should I take into consideration when purchasing?

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