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I have taken a 2012 3500 flatbed with 6.9l geared for towing( i think 3.9 or 4.10 rear end) for an 800 mile trip, and it would hold just under 19 mpg unloaded until i hit a regen, it droped to 18 when it was done. After that i would squeek it back up to 18.5, then back to high 17 on next regen. All said and done i got about 17.5 mpg for that trip.

The regen cycles and towing gears really do kinda kill getting good mpg.

A mid 2000s 2500 with 5.9 I held to 25 to 26 mpg for a 100 mile trip parking lot to parking lot but i dont think that was geared for towing as it held low rpm while cruising at 60 to 65. NO regens on those older trucks.

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