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Hello from an Electric Friend :) + Suggestions on what to learn in College?(Classes?)

Hi everyone,

Just joined today after banging my head for a while with the secret question. It was so obvious yet I made it most difficult for me thinking of every other possibility than the clear answer. Anyway, glad to be here. I've read ecomodder on and off for a while now and always loved to spot new crazy efficient aeromods on some vehicles. I'd love to do a few Aeromods myself eventually on my E-Vehicle. I'm currently in college going to try for my associates in science if all goes well . From there, not sure what I'll do, but glad to be on track for something. I'll be taking an automotive fundamentals course this winter then from there either an introduction to welding course or maybe an introduction to electronics class (This one being a requirement for automotive brake systems + Suspension and Steering which is what I want to learn eventually). After that I'm not sure what to do other than the obvious which would be to gather credit for my Associates in science for a vehicle oriented major. I would also love to take up a few electricity courses since I think they will likely pay off in the future. On the side I will also be doing some martial arts classes just to stay physically healthy and active . Would anyone have any suggestions on what to take toward a vehicle aeromod future? I'm kind of stumped on what to take, but I know that learning vehicle fundamentals is a good start.

Just taking it all nice and slow

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