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Thank you for the replies Highly appreciate the input.

The college I am going to also offers certificates on top of the associate degrees. I am considering getting them since the classes I will take almost align completely with the courses for the associate degree. The courses also come with hands on training so I will be getting hands on experience at least from what I understood. So yes I definitely want hands on experience I feel that is the most valuable. Not entirely sure on design unless it is Aeromod designs to increase the range of efficiency of the RAV4 EV . I will have to see if there are any Aerodynamics courses offered I definitely have not see any fluids 1 or fluids 2 courses.

I will definitely look into classes that deal with electric motors, motor controllers and 3 phase power. I'm hoping to keep my RAV4 EV for a long time, if possible, so I think being able to care for it and work on longer range through maybe drag coefficient reduction will be a smart idea. I would like to maybe add a full boat tail on it which is why I want to take a welding course which, I think, could help with building out a frame for the boat tail. Lowering would also be great which is why I want to take the suspension and steering course. I'd rather do the work myself if possible, where possible. The toughest project, I think, might be the boat tail... only topped by wanting to add a RWD E.Motor from another rav4 ev since right now the Rav4 EV is FWD. Stuff really that I just dream about and feel can only come through if I study for it.
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