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new guy, nissan hardbody

long time lurker, fist time poster. my name's Connor and i was first introduced to hypermiling by user Jakins and his honda civic. my choice of cars hasn't been influenced by him but the modifications sure have, lmao. i own two vehicles, one of which runs; a 1989 bmw e30 that i'm swapping a 4.4l v8 from a 95 540i, and my "ECOMONSTER" a 95 nissan d21. Originally i wanted to buy an old vw rabbit pickup, partially because i'm an old german car freak, but mostly because the high mileage they got. and after a few slipped through my fingers i gave up the search deeming it unreasonable.
A few months go buy and i get introduced to the nissan hardbody mini truck world. i was hooked, but not for the reason everyone else likes them. An invincible 90's truck that has better gas mileage and a higher tow capacity than other comparable trucks? It had to be mine. With some time and some craigslist kung fu the dream had commenced.

(will add pictures once post count is high enough)

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