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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Did you lose any efficiency after adding the big windshield?
Not at all. My efficiency and range went up by 10-15% generally. I did spend two months adjusting the mount just to get the best airflow over and around my body. Air quietly runs over the top of my helmet and down my back. I use an aerodynamic backpack to hold my hydration bladder when traveling in addition to the duffle on the passenger seat to close up that gap.

I did make the mount adjustable-length at the lower-end, though, so that in the face of heavy headwinds, I can tilt it down a bit and tuck to maintain that. I usually only use that while traveling; for example, to cross a stretch of Big Sur with 100 miles of no casually-accessible chargers, I took the spoiler off and tucked behind the screen. I got 120 miles of range out of that charge at ~45-55mph through fog and a small headwind.

I should say that I wound up with a long commute this year after switching jobs, and ride an 85 mile round trip along highway 880 which is windy and rough, and sitting straight upright I can usually get 100 miles of projected range at 65-70mph (mph varies based on headwinds).

If the Zero's cockpit space were not as short and small as it is, I'd be able to use a smaller windscreen to get the same effect, and I did start with a smaller screen, then added the spoiler, and then decided to mount the Parabellum.
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