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Dropped the fairing at the panel beater this weekend, the bike will follow soon. Still have to source a new fender but my guy says he should be able to adapt an upside down fork fender to match the mounting holes, which make the search a bit easier.

Originally Posted by briantrice View Post
I'm on a similar track as Erasmo, but haven't been able to coordinate well.

My DSR has a Parabellum windscreen with MRA spoiler, custom mount (tuned for slow airflow over the rider's body), and crude wheel covers.

I'm crossing fingers that the local fabricator I hired can finish up the Airtech dustbin DBL2 mount shortly. I use a kayaking/duffle bag to hold the auxiliary charger in the passenger seat and provide a bit of aerodynamic continuity between my back and the top case.

I use a high-powered AC charger instead of Erasmo's DC CHAdeMO charging kit. These things are temperamental right now, but reliable enough for technical adopters to achieve 400 miles per day while traveling. I hope to raise that figure or reduce the charging hours involved with aerodynamics.

The idea once the dustbin is on is to sculpt some aluminum-skeleton Coroplast around the rear luggage rack for a bit of a tail. Or something like that. I'm digging around intently between the Vetter/Hershner guides and others to piece something together to start with.

I've attached a recent photo.
Ah I've seem to lure you out of the lurking status after 3 years I'm waiting for the V2 version of your charger but as you know the development has hit a bit of a rough patch...

I've met another DS owner who's also looking in designing a more cargo oriented tail but for bot of us it is more of a long term project...

How are your wheel covers working out? Can't wait to see the finished dustbin on your bike.
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