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Sorry, I'm new


I am completely new to the EV community, and have been reading a lot of information on EVs online for the last few days. I have an interest in cars in general, and currently drive a modded VW GTI

Not to bore you with too much of my own story, I was just wondering where I would go to learn more about inverters before coming back to this thread and also Paul's instructables. I am by no means a ME or an EE, just an ordinary guy (my background is in civil engineering!), but I dream of one day making my own EV hotrod.

(the reason why I'm asking about inverters is that AC motors, and batteries are something that I understand to some degree, including BMS, at least enough to read and learn, but inverters are quite a bit harder!)

Sorry if I've posted in the wrong section! I just got stuck here hahaha
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