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I'm using the standard IDE. The original code I based my mods on was only compatible with v.1.0.6 of the IDE, and I didn't bother to try and update it ... just one more reason I like your code is that it's compatible with 1.6.x

If you set your IDE for an Uno, Pro or Pro Mini you'll see that disabling the define flags for the 2620 and two or three of the serial tags, there's also an error message

main.cpp:9709: error: 'PINK' was not declared in this scope
lastPINKstate = PINK; // initialize last PINK state value so as to not erroneously detect a keypress on start
It may be something simple, my guess if you haven't tested it for other boards yet. No biggie, that's what pushed me over the edge to buy the mega. Just stumbled across a new board today, the tinycircuits tiny arduino -- it's 8MHz and basically a pro mini board, but it's stackable using a 2cm x 1cm connector -- it'll help me miniaturize but not lose functionality -- and no need for 20+ pins soldered to the 'duino.
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