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blackjackel -

Originally Posted by blackjackel View Post
glad to see that the whole setup is working for you, my wheelskirts haven't moved a INCH since we installed them and i've been using my car ever since we put them on.... that made me think we shoulda done a 1/4" clearance rather than 3/4"... [/I]
In hindsight you are right, but I think we made the "safe" choice at the time. I think I have less "fear" because I have plastic and experience working with your solution. I wanted 3/4 inch also, but the geometry of the drain pan "dictated" some of my choices. For your design, with the added weight of the covers, two more magnet attachment points may be in order, one on each side of the vertical attachment (imagine a 5 spoke semi-circle).

Do you plan on painting your wheel skirts to match car color or leave em black? Originally i thought it wouldn't look so good but because the tires are normally black it looks quite... normal!
I think I will keep it black. Aesthetically, I like the "balance" of two wheel-wells. If I go white, I will be creating a "solid wall" of white toward the back of the car that I may not like (not a good description, but I think you know what I mean). I have done paint-shop-pro mock-ups, but I haven't liked them.

I am also copy-catting lovemysan because his "basic black" wheel skirt also looks good.

Evile thought : I can now "mount" black magnet tape on the skirt and change my MPG ratings at will. Someone could scoff when they look at my wheel skirt, and then see my MPG and "think again".

I do think the angle is a bit steep though which may or may not cause turbulence... might need to do a tuft test.
Yeah, it's also a "cheat". Most cars taper inwards toward the back, which causes the "bulge" that you and I were building into your wheel skirt, and which MetroMPG commented on. Solving for this bulge requires the an extension on the back bumper. I bypass that problem (and sacrifice aero) by "not going lower".

[I]But anyways, it looks great from what I can see, and you can barely see the white zip tie from more than a few feet away so its not as much as a problem as it seems..

I can't wait for feedback on how many mpg's those helped you squeeze out!
We're hitting August, so hopefully I can get a good run into work this week or the next. If only we had a coast-down test site in LA!!!!!!!!


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