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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
For me and my 1st gen 91.5 I keep the egt about 700-750 to speed then about 500 or less in town and 800 to 65-70mph dr p to 500 flats 600 slight incline 700 about 5%grade 800on 7% with an occasional bump to 900 to accelerate and maintain OD (shift point 59 mph@above 825egt)
no tack so heargos
235/85R16 Revolutions per mile (km)635.65 (394.97)
3.55gear , .69OD =1557rpm @60mph +5% (for no lockup) = 1634 rpm .peek tork 400ft lb @1600 avg naked 24.xxxmpg with cap
Beautiful, so I can believe what Cummins has been telling folks (with no actual data or even an explanation). And not to offend anyone but I keep hearing about claims of higher MPG than the factory MPG with no mods or fooling around with the EGR emissions etc. and that might be what a hypermiler gets but you can only piss off so many people on our local roads. And these engines are supposed to be getting less efficient in each gen as the EPA cracks down on MPG. I bought it precisely because it was the last model that didn't require the ridiculous DEF. I'm more curious if anything but saving on guzzle even if it's only $10 a tank adds up. And for the record my truck is 100% stock and the tires are actually an inch smaller because I need an aggressive tread and the factory size tires are $400 more for a set. Also I have a steel canopy that it sure adds weight compared to fiberglass. Right off the dealer floor (almost NOS, I think the guy who sold it back to them kept it in his driveway for the looks) I got 15.7 on a couple hundred mile freeway trip @ 65 on cruise control not even knowing how to drive economically yet. Haven't seen that since so regen could certainly be a factor. I don't do enough freeway miles for it to kick in at a more optimal speed (or so I have been reading). Thanks everybody for your input!
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