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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Let the record show this is a 35ft single axle trailer.

Not sure what "record" you are getting that 35' length from but the Bowlus website lists the length at 23' 9" (and I'm pretty sure they are counting the hitch in that length). On the Road Edition - Bowlus Road Chief - Bowlus Road Chief ​805-278-9800​

They also list the tongue weight at 170 lbs which is very light for a TT with a GVWR of 3000 lbs. Typically we try to keep at least 13% of the trailer's weight on the tongue for towing stability and to reduce the likelihood of trailer sway. I'm sure that with the aero advantage of the Bowlus vs a common boxy travel trailer you can get away with a bit less tongue weight but that 170 lbs is pretty low for the weight trailer.
For the $140,000 price of that 23' Bowlus I could buy a lifetime of roomier standard construction TTs of the same length with more creature comforts and lots more storage and be many $s ahead in the end. But I guess there must be a (very small) market for few of them actually produced.

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