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FB, you'll want to find certified scale tickets of any claimed travel trailer weight. And then find out if the TT is loaded in any manner. From there, comparisons about features. The original trailer probably had no electrical system to speak of. No toilet or shower. No waste tanks. Etc. The Papoose isn't a useful comparison in any fashion.

As said before, weight considerations don't mean much with good aero. The Bowlus overemphasizes same to the detriment of storage and other capacities. On a price neutral basis one isn't gaining another class of vehicles which can tow the more aero trailer due to the very high power to be found across car lines today. I'm having a hard time seeing a bottom dweller econo car pulling one of these. What would be the point? They're uncomfortable for anything past commuting.

Towing an aero design trailer up to 4K is small beer. It's the quality of the lash up.

Airstreams are way too heavy today, granted. But they sell every one as it straddles the line on weight versus efficiency. The mpg difference in ordinary use solo between one class of vehicle and another is slight.

I believe they'd sell more and gain in stature with attention to "space age materials". Simplicity and robustness. But not bare bones. Getting rid of wood cabinetry would be my priority. Humidity and condensation and insect or rodent damage amelioration is a big deal, long term. But that's not who owns this company.

A TDI VW Jetta can pull a 20' Airstream without much complaint at 30-mpg on the flats at 55-mph. Neither that TT nor the Bowlus are the likely choice by an owner for much more than 3-4 day trips.

Neither will be favored to wait out bad weather. Etc.

"Lifestyle" trumps the rest. As with carrying bikes or canoes, it's status signaling. Read some of the blogs of these web-connected illiterates. Wouldn't know Erwin Schrott or Elina Garanca or a whole host of fast disappearing culture. But they know all about gizmos. Actively disdain reading for every purpose outside of these he minimum to remain employed.

Nothing new about this. The Bowlus is cool. Like a Porsche coupe. Excuses for a new wardrobe.

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